Watching the garden spring to life – 2017

It is wonderful to watch Orkney’s spring come to life and as we move into summer, the grass growing season is definitely underway. We have plenty of it too! With the drone of our lawn mower going each week, I just love the smell of fresh grass and better it looks neat and tidy for our guests. Our fuschia bushes have just bloomed, the climbing clematis montana has bloomed and its blooming marvellous, although it is slowly going off a bit now sadly. We took our first booking in September 2016, and we have had some great feedback from our guests, some of which have been from our beloved home county of Yorkshire. We have some sheep in the field next to the holiday accommodation, so it’s been lovely to see the lambs messing about of an evening. We have had some beautiful sunshiny days on Orkney and I am so looking forward to many more. The beautiful sunsets are something to behold and the lighter nights are special in Orkney as often it never really gets truly dark. On a good day you could garden at 11pm quite easily.

Our first full season is well and truly alive. We listed Lowerquoys on Trip Advisor and we are now fully booked until mid September. Lots of busy changeover days and guests to meet. I love organising the house and making sure it is the best it can be for all our guests.

Orcas have been spotted around Orkney’s waters a few times now and quite recently in Scapa Flow. We walked the cliff tops out at Hoxa Head this weekend to see if we could spot them, but no luck sadly. But it was a beautiful day and breathtaking to see Scapa Flow in all its glory from there. The café at Hoxa Head is definitely worth a visit too whilst your there!

We look forward to meeting all our guests this season and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for choosing us this year and thanks to those who have already stayed with us and provided some brilliant feedback!



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