Month: March 2018

Spring into 2018!

Spring 2018….It isn’t long now until we welcome our first guests to Lowerquoys this Spring for the start of the 2018 season. Like the rest of the UK, we have had some snow recently, albeit not as much, but quite a bit by Orkney’s standards! so the garden is now springing into life and it feels good to be going out to work and returning home in the light after what has felt like a long winter which hit us pretty hard when our summer came to a rather abrupt end last September. 

The cruise ship season also starts next week with two cruise liners visiting Orkney. They are a sight to beholden, some carrying nearly 5,000 passengers from all over the world. This provides a real boost to Orkney’s economy but also places a real strain on Orkney’s resources. Guests might want to consider checking out cruise liner visits when planning a day trip to some of our major attractions such as Skara Brae, Ring of Brodgar and the Broch of Birsay.

There has been much excitement on Sanday recently, with a Walrus spending a fair amount of time on one of the beaches and he is a much photographed visitor at the moment!

It’s also been a great month for those who love Aurora hunting. If you are interested in seeing the Northern Lights in Orkney, then March is a good time to come. The big star filled skies have been really clear on many occasions this month and some great shots shared on the Orkney Aurora Group Facebook page.  

We would like to thank all those guests who have chosen to stay with us this year and looking forward to meeting you. The 2018 Orkney Visitor Guide, featuring all the information needed to plan a trip to the islands, has been launched by Orkney Tourism Group (OTG).You might want to preview this ahead of your stay.

We are very well booked up for most of the season with a surprising few free weeks left in April, but other than that, September is the first month with some availability.

Despite, plans, we did not complete Mole End (our we cosy cottage for two) over winter, but hope to have this completed by October 2018. We also decided not to accept pets going forward which has caused a little ripple with some callers and we are genuinely sorry to let people down, we did not make this decision lightly. We like all pets, however, when you have guests leaving and new one’s arriving the same day, it is sometimes very difficult to remove l’eau de pet entirely and some guests have allergies. So taking all things into consideration, we decided to remove our pet friendly badge for which we are truly sorry.

We got some great reviews on Trip Advisor during 2017, thanks to all our customers for those. We appreciate a holiday is always very much needed to unwind, spend quality time with loved one’s and they don’t come cheap! so our aim is to go out of our way to please and ensure our guests go away feeling relaxed and happy having chosen Lowerquoys as their base here in Orkney.

 See You Soon!